School Uniform Policy

UNIFORM POLICY:  All students wear school uniforms (white shirt, navy blue pants/skirt  - NO JEANS)


Dean of Students

Mr. R. Vatalaro
Contact at (718) 326-8261

extension 1072

School Health Office


TIPS FOR PARENTS  from the  School Health Office.pdf 

  Lice Letter.docx  and  GuidanceforFamiliesonGettingRidofHeadLice.pdf 


Safety Matters

As a matter of compliance, our school performed a required lockdown drill on 12/15/16 at 9:15am  to practice and prepare in the event of an emergency.

Our school will also host a Town Hall Safety Meeting this year - check back for more information.

Bell Schedule

School Statistics

School Leadership Team (SLT)

Chancellor's Regulation A-655 - School and District Leadership Teams


Commonly Asked Questions